Arbors and Pergola

A bold way to add luxury and artistry to your yard is to add a custom arbor or pergola! Designed and built to fit and reflect your gate, yard or garden, pergolas or arbors can be a beautiful center piece! Structures built out of lattice to compliment pathways or vegetable gardens can also add a fabulous inspirational look! Arbors installed over a gated entrance add simple, elegant flare. These installations are some of our most decorative and creative. Make sure to spice up your gateway’s, gardens and backyards with a custom built Arbor or Pergola!

Although arbors and pergolas are quite similar, they do have unique designs and purposes. An arbor is an open structure that has two sides and a top. The sides are often made of latticework (a criss-crossed pattern framework), and the top is commonly arched. Like pergolas, arbors can support climbing flowers or vines, which happily crawl up the structure and create an attractive floral arch. Although an arbor can stand on its own or provide shade for a bench, it’s more commonly used as a point of entry, like a doorway to define an outdoor space.



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